Monday, February 20, 2006

The Deny, Downplay and Hide Complex

You can run but you can never hide

Why do we deny our associations with some individuals? Maybe the individual has a questionable reputation, is a convicted felon or a social anathema. But if you are spending time with the person, whatever makes the person unpalatable to the rest of the world is invisible to you - yes? Isn't hiding the association being plain disrespectful and hypocritical?

I do know that society (our immediate connections to it in particular) is both judgemental and quick to make assumptions, draw conclusions. "What's going on with them?", is the common question the "involved' party wants to duck, especially if it is tossed over the fence by outsiders. Maybe if we all were more tolerant towards and less curious about our friends and their "associations", there would be no need to hide.

From my vantage point, I see hiding woven into the fabric of society; we're always going to have something to hide. Makes you wonder if there is any truth in the quote that started off this post...

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