Monday, February 06, 2006

Eye in the Sky

No better way to start a week than by listening to an old favourite. I walked into Karan's office a little while ago and heard a song by APP that took me back to the days when I first heard Eye in the Sky. I wish I could remember it like it was yesterday, but I can't. No wait, it was my 3rd year in Engineering School and my life was upheaval personified. While discovering who I am, I realized that I might not meet the expectations of the people who mattered. This sent me into a tailspin of sorts, I stopped caring about grades and my performance naturally flagged. As is the norm, when you are down and out, everything around you seems to work against you, pulling you further down.

I'm not without scars from those times - the insecurities that rise to the surface are to some extent, a consequence of those years in Pilani. I had lost direction and didn't know how to find my way back. I'm not completely out of the woods now but I now know that there is more than one way out; try I must to find at least one.

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