Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is there such a thing as

... harmless flirting? It all started off with a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago and the thought hasn't quite left my mind. Actually it had, till tonight's episode of "The War at Home". So, can a relationship between a boy and a girl be a 100% platonic? Can flirting ever be innocent? And if it is innocent, when do you know that you've crossed over into the non-platonic, not-so-innocent zone?

I've realized that some interactions with girls are very basic, simple even. Watching a sporting event (that's all testesterone) is the perfect example of that. After a certain point though, it's inevitable for there to be feelings in one of the two parties, at least. Most successful relationships are between friends, no? Given the nature of such relationships, it's maybe just better to avoid forming new ones once you settle down. This might sound extreme but honestly, that's what it boils down to; resistance is futile.

All this leaves just one question - What about the friends I have had for all the years I was single?

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