Thursday, March 23, 2006

On a calm Thursday morning

Seattle has warmed up over the last week, especially since this past weekend which was sunny. I walked out of the Pro Club earlier this evening without a jacket and didn't feel cold at all. You could say that my body was warm from the work out but if the warmer you are, the colder you feel when there is a sudden change in temperature - no?

I am halfway though iCon - the Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. The book is about Steve Jobs, his personality traits, the mistakes borne out of these personality traits and how only someone of his caliber and vision could reinvigorate Apple since his return to the helm in 1997. I've just reached the stage when he takes over as Interim CEO of Apple and the remainder of the book will be of most interest to me. Partly because I can relate to the computers, the announcements and the media frenzy that followed the 1997 Macworld keynote.

I started seriously using and reading about computers only around 1997, primarily because we didn't have the Internet back then in India. The only source of news for me was The Times of India slid under my door every morning, and my dad who'd write me long letters. At that point, I was enamoured with the Mac because that was the first computer I had ever used, the first computer that spoke out what I had typed in a dialog box. I still remember one of my favourite lines to type into the Reader program, "Nikhil Mehta is an idiot!" :) I digress...

A lot of work needs to be done over the next couple of days. My goal is to spend the bulk of the next two working days in adding test coverage for a new feature that we must sign-off on by Friday. I've got some items done but unless I take some drastic steps to increase my productivity during the day, I'll miss my deadline (which was already extended by a week). Keep your fingers crossed because this is going to be a close one...

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