Friday, March 24, 2006

To work we must go

But first, watch the season opener of 24, Day 2. Then get a few hours of shut eye after which I will wake up EARLY and finish up my testing work. Might cancel all my meetings though...

And oh yeah, I played a great squash match this evening. We played with a livelier ball which made the rallies longer than usual. The ball just wouldn't die so the four games took more than 70 minutes to finish. Did I mention the fact that I won? :)

Work has a funny way of hitting the pause button on everything else in my life. I'm reading only as much as I need to, I never watch the news but just listen to it while I do other things around my apartment and I let my life become one dimensional. Recognizing this is a great first step, all I have to do is balance things out. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were made jsut for this purpose...

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